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Tadi  kelas klinikal doktor bawa  kami pusing2 katil di ward.Walaupun dengan jumlah yang agak ramai,but it quite ok.Doctor showed us the details of each patient's disease.In order not to waste any time while waiting for my turn, i took my chance  talking with an old woman patient, living near Qala'h Salahuddin.She came to the hospital due to sudden loss of vision without any pain or trauma.

Through all the way,she kept praising on how good mannered our doctor was!Greet the patients with happy face and showed empathy with their illness.Also kept apologizing for troubling them throughout our lesson. Muaaddabun giddan.Beforehand,there was one big doctor(one of the top on board) just came down into ward and looked into patient's sheet , examined them with no smile and no greet at all! Eih wehsyah da?

She told us, that no matter how rich and great you are,akhlak is lots more important.It wasn't difficult at all -just move few muscles around your face and SMILE! and the world surely will do the same-

Cuaknya memikirkan,mampukan aku menjadi doktor yang bukan hanya merawat fizikal tetapi jua memberi ketenangan pada pesakit.Mampukah untuk aku senyum saat bebanan kerja menimbun dan mampukah aku menyapa mesra pesakit saat aku keletihan on call?

Oh Allah,give us strength to be the best and give the best toward others!

...adab itu mendahului  ibadat.......


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