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sweet u r!

My routine of Thusrday evening,pick up the headfon and dial the special no of my sweet home! Usually,adik will be the one that pick up the call and layan kakak that talk too much.Adik is the best listener out of all the others and he really has loads of stories to be shared with!

.When we both out of topic to talk,only at that moment,adik will call ayah and cik to take their turn!

But this evening,when the call answered,as usual,i straightly called :ADIK!! in a happy mood.But then,other voice answerd, "ni Icik".

Huhu..the little bro that as much as possible try avoiding my call! Then,with no time,Icik called ayah and cik to take the call and he just ran away."Budak bertuah"!..

After a long conversation with both ,ayah called adik to continue the story telling.Yep,i always finish the call with adik!But then.i heard adik complained that he had loads of homework to be finished and kept babling about not talking to me and want to finish the works!

But ,he took the phone anyway with unfamiliar tone of voice and kept repeating

"adik ni banyak keje nak buat,kalau tak siap baru tahu".After several times of repeating that sentence,then finally he said "hello ,kakak"

Me,with a sad and "majuk" voice quickly said

:Adik,xpe la buat keje skolah..kakak letak phone ni.Cuma tanyakan dkt cik ayah,ada nak ckp ape2 lagi tak"

The next voice i heard was Cik's..We continue our talk about raya and all about the big day,But suddenly cik said that adik was at her side refused to continue the homework.Cik said he felt guilty for doing such thing to kakak.Cik told adik to go and continue doing the unfinished homework,but still, he was there staring at cik and listened to our conversation.

Cik smiled and gave the phone to adik and here came the happy usual voice of adik again! He talked more than kakak.

Oh,How sweet he is.Feeling guilty for treating kakak badly!

Love you adik!

nina - 1

Nina's talking to her parent telling them why she's moody each time she get to go to the "hadanah". What an intelligent girl she is.Really knows how to talk like an adult!She is 2 years old at this time! i really adore her!

My Love!

16 years ago

Walking back from kindergarten,under red umbrella,happily together with the little sis and cousin of mine.3 little girls walked back home alone after finishing the laugh and fun at the class.Thinking back of this memory,reminded me on how safe the world was,where little girls can walk freely with no worry of stalker,kidnapper,and etc.

That day was thursday,when ayah whose only home once in 2 weeks was back from the rural area he worked at!Everything seems fine up till the evening when i started vomiting non stop together with my cousin.We had the same vomiting and diarhea symptom that didn't show any sign of stopping.Worry of these 2 little girls went paler and weaker,ayah took us to the emergency room and there,the doctor said 2 of us were having food poisoning.But why?.my little sis escaped  while us having this food poisoning?

"Cikgu ...nak tambah!"

Huhu..that was the reason why the 2 of us got sick!3 days in hospital with IV fluid for the  dehydration.

I had my greatest ayah there with me.Each single hour i had to go to the  toilet(the diarhea didn't stop yet).Together with the IV fluid stuck underneath my skin,ayah had no other choice except entered the toilet with me to hold the IV packet!

"Eiiii..busuk la inoue ni"

Me: hik3...sabar ye yah!

There it went for the next 3 days.What a great ayah you are.

But now, i am a big girl that no longer having chances to be with you all the time.Seeing you is impossible.Only hearing the ageing voice through the phone!

Am i ready to be apart from you ayh? Means,really,really not together,not like now?? When i am no longer be yours? Am i ready to be far from you?

Ayah..thanks for raising me up to what i am now!Without you,i am no one!

Selamat hari lahir ayah!
Moga ALLAH merahmati dan menyanyangi ayah.
Terus memberi kesihatan dan kekuatan pada ayah.
Ayah...moga ayah bahagia selalu!

I hope i'll get the love from him just like the love ayh showered me up throughout my life!
And i hope,he'll be the one ayh can count on! InsyaALLAH.

recent update

Salam sayang for those out there

Just a quick update as this blog has not breath quite a long period.

ENT-Finally end.Means,really ends with the lecture and exam.But not with the final big exam yet.Then,i need to re-re-re open the book and re-read everything and re-memorize all!It this means that i am studying because of the exam? What an attitude!

About the end round exam of ENT...oh,first,the preparation! Erm,everything JUST fine! Though i have lot of times but still that won't be enough with those sleeping,playing times i spend on!But,the period of revising all things of one big subject was really fun and enjoyable, when at the end of the study leave period,you will know every single details about it!You'll be able to re-write all the sentences proudly!And that is priceless! But then,just a minutes after the exam finished,your mind won't remember none of those!Magic it is!

 Oh,how was my answer?? :(  huhu....the first question took most of my times by thinking which one was the perfect correct answer.I gave 2 answers for that question! Confusing it was as i kept changing the answer in 1 hour period of exam! Gave this first answer big pencil cross then erased it.Then,after a while,the second answer got rejected.I kept doing this up till  the last 2mins of exam,i finally make my decision,and choose the answer that i hope will give me the marks! yES,not so happy for being this confused! And i hope there will be not repetition of this!

Then comes our last round -Opthalmology which will start TOMORROW, not today! Thinking of no time for holidays-just Thursday and Friday- i successfully make myself tired and powerless! Thursday,i make my big cooking project starting from the morning up till Asar and then continued with video-making for the GDO(Girl's Day Out) on the next day.Then,rushingly,went to Metro to be at Rub'ah for my Tajwid class up till 9pm.But,i reached home nearly at 10pm! For the eagerness of taking the bus rather than usual taxi!

Reached home with no energy left and cook something to eat before going to sleep! Woke up that morning,re-memorize  An Nisa as a preparation for my next class at 11am!After finishing the Qiraat class,having some lunch with Nadira and Siti at Sabi'( this part,i like the most!).Then ,again,took the taxi to ARMA for the GDO that had reached the last part! 15mins there and rushed back home!

After Asar,i was back on street for accompanying my 2 same friends which i have lunch with to do some shopping.Before maghrib,i was home when something bad happened.Sal's keys had lost and after a day it was found on the water pump.Afraid of being duplicated, after Magrib,i back on street looking for the shop to change the door lock of my house.But,being a girl with little experience of this hardware thing,my mission of finding the shop give zero success! Thanks for those helping us get through this little problem!

2 days past with no rest and this morning.lazily woke up for the class,but then,after 20mins walk to the ward 16 and 15mins of waiting,then, i was informed that the actual class is tomorrow!! huhu....

Ok,that is! See ya!

Allah,moga Engkau mudahkan segala yang bakal aku tempuhi dan Kau jadikan segala yang berlaku itu adalah yang terbaik buat aku!

Rabbi yassir wa la tu a'sir!

note: Natrah akan pindah keluar dari rumah ini esok! Then there will be only 4 of us~Sayonara~

Hakikatnya - doa itu mustajab

Kata ustazah I'ffat habibibati,mo love,a'sullah..

Doa itu mustajab yang hakiki.Hakikatnya Allah tidak pernah menghampakan mana-mana doa yang di pohon dari NYA.Allah Maha Pengasih yang tiada tolok bandingnya.Terlalu mengasihi hambanya yang mengagungkan diriNYA yang maha hebat.

Cumanya terkadang kita sentiasa mempersoalkan kenapa mesti doa aku tidak dimakbulkan.Allah terlepas pandangkah?Tidak sama sekali! Allah itu maha sempurna yang tiada walau sebesar zarah kekurangan padanya.Mustajab doa itu ade peringkatnya:

1) Allah makbulkan doa itu seperti yang kita minta

2) Allah makbulkan doa kita tetapi memberi yang lain yang padaNYA itu lebih baik untuk kita

3) Allah kumpulkan doa2 kita di akhirat

Yang ketiga itu paling bahagia.Selama di dunia,bila mana kita berdoa,dan doa kita itu masih ditangguhkan,kita bersabar dan terus yakin dengan Pemurahnya ALLAH.Dan inilah kebahagian yang abadi.Di akhirat nanti,doa-doa kita menanti kita!

Kita minta di beri kesenangan dan kemewahan,Allah berikan kita kesenangan dan keindahan syurga.
Kita minta di beri kesihatan,Allah berikan kita kesihatan yang tiada pernah kurangnya
Kita minta diberi teman hidup yang baik,ternyata Allah tangguhkan doa kita untuk memberi kita bidadari syurga yang sempurna~

Tenangnya hidup andai yakin pada ALLAH itu sentiasa ada.

Kerana apa?

Bilamana ini yang menjadi pegangan kita,maka,hidup kita tidak akan pernah susah melainkan semua itu datang dari ALLAH untuk mengajar sesuatu kepada kita dan memberi kita satu kelebihan yang tidak akan sama dengan mana-mana kesenangan dunia ini.

Kerana...ALLAH hanya memberi yang terbaik untuk hamba yang sentiasa yakin denganNYA!